Got questions?

Hopefully we’ve answered the basics here, but if you want to chat more or get a demo drop us a line on the contact form.

Getting started is simple.

  1. Login with either Google or an email address
  2. Once logged in if you’re not a member of another organization you’ll be prompted to setup your organization. Add name, description, logo, colors, and all required fields.
  3. After setup or access to an organization you’ll setup accounts for each unit or collection of sites or information for users to access. Think of these as departments, or groups that should be setup for your organization. For example, if you are a university you may choose to setup a main marketing department account, an account for alumni relations, and multiple for each department or program. 
  4. Once you’ve got your accounts and users added within each you will see two options on the top right:
    1. Add site
    2. Add external site

Adding a site will take you through choosing a starter kit option and setting up a new site. Use this for new sites. Add external will allow you to build out links to existing sites and platforms. 

  1. If you would like to build out a template site for others to deploy, choose template on checkout of the site being setup so that it shows as a site in the “add site” options of starter kits.
  2. Take a look at the marketplace, feel free to ask us for help or questions as they come up! 

Absolutely, reach out via the help / ticketing in the top right corner of the user menu and send us a request.

Definitely – please reach out to discuss setup.

Absolutely, we provide custom and white label bespoke platforms. 

By subscribing on Accorbis to payment plans you are purchasing hosting, platform updates, and website improvements. The hosting cost passes through to the provider. 

No! Those are open source and available to all via the web. By subscribing on Accorbis to payment plans you are purchasing hosting, platform updates, and website improvements. 

By deploying with Accorbis, KWALL is allowing you the ability to use their website starter kits. Each of these is a managed KWALL site and managed under our account so any wordpress plugin licenses are managed by KWALL. You can however bring your own licenses and plugins.

Yes! Expect some additional platforms as we get them for LMS systems, CRM options, Marketing solutions, etc.

In most cases the same day. Some may take a moment as we’re M-F 6AM-5PM PDT. 

Yes! Reach out and we’ll work with you to get this setup.

Glad you asked. We’re working hard to release: 

  • New features for each starter kit
  • More starter options for all
  • Faster and more performant / personalized options
  • Reporting for organizations and account level users and admins
  • AI based suggestions through the system
  • AI based content automation for each starter kit
  • Automation across an organizations websites
  • Additional deployable options including LMS systems, CRM options, and incredible third party integrations